are you also a weird person? let's compare notes!
  1. set alarm with an hour to ~get ready leisurely~ when i know i'm just going to keep hitting snooze until 15 minutes before i need to leave
  2. if flight is early, sleep in the clothes i plan to travel in
    probably not *that* irrational given above...
  3. leave apartment/hotel at a time that accounts for double the normal estimated commute time, even if it's not even remotely close to rush hour
  4. use the self-check in kiosk, even though i'm definitely checking a bag and eventually need to hand it off to a human anyway
  5. arrive at my gate two hours earlier than i need to and burn up my whole phone battery trying to occupy myself
  6. never double-check that i've packed headphones or underwear, always end up forgetting one
  7. Pay 6 dollars for an orange juice
    Suggested by @fabi