1. Crying Leo Windows 95 by Ytinifninfinity
    "Who thinks of this stuff?"
  2. Tampon Tee by Peggy Noland X Wacky Wacko
    "I don't understand why you want to wear that."
  3. R.I.P. Aaliyah by Darien Bruze
    "That looks like the shirts they make on the boardwalk."
  4. Ralph Lauren by UNDRCRWN
    "Why don't you just wear a polo?"
  5. Lil Kim from Print All Over Me
    "Can you please just...wear a different shirt?"
  6. Woes by Meme Culture
    "Are you sad?"
  7. Vintage California Raisins
    "Do you even remember those commercials?"
  8. Vintage Billy Ray Cyrus
    "You were barely old enough to know that song when it came out."
  9. Givenchy Burger King by my friend Colin Gray via Print All Over Me
    "There's no way she eats Burger King."
  10. Vintage *NSYNC
    "I thought the point of the look was cool classic rock tees. Are boy bands cool again?"
  11. Dick Vitale by Homage
  12. American Ghost Dance by SonyA Sombreuil
    "This is depressing."
  13. T-Rex by The Mountain
    "Aren't those the shirts little boys wear?"
  14. Candy Crush by Peggy Noland X Wacky Wacko
    "That's just silly."
  15. Gemini by Astrology IRL
    "Do you actually believe in that stuff?"
  16. Welcome To The Di$count Univer$e by Di$count Univer$e
    "I don't understand this."
  17. Punk's Not Dead by Christopher Lee Sauvé
    "Why would you want to wear that?"
  18. Vintage Michael Bolton
    JK, this is the ONE she gets.