1. Crying Leo Windows 95 by Ytinifninfinity
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    "Who thinks of this stuff?"
  2. Tampon Tee by Peggy Noland X Wacky Wacko
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    "I don't understand why you want to wear that."
  3. R.I.P. Aaliyah by Darien Bruze
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    "That looks like the shirts they make on the boardwalk."
  4. Ralph Lauren by UNDRCRWN
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    "Why don't you just wear a polo?"
  5. Lil Kim from Print All Over Me
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    "Can you please just...wear a different shirt?"
  6. Woes by Meme Culture
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    "Are you sad?"
  7. Vintage California Raisins
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    "Do you even remember those commercials?"
  8. Vintage Billy Ray Cyrus
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    "You were barely old enough to know that song when it came out."
  9. Givenchy Burger King by my friend Colin Gray via Print All Over Me
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    "There's no way she eats Burger King."
  10. Vintage *NSYNC
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    "I thought the point of the look was cool classic rock tees. Are boy bands cool again?"
  11. Dick Vitale by Homage
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  12. American Ghost Dance by SonyA Sombreuil
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    "This is depressing."
  13. T-Rex by The Mountain
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    "Aren't those the shirts little boys wear?"
  14. Candy Crush by Peggy Noland X Wacky Wacko
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    "That's just silly."
  15. Gemini by Astrology IRL
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    "Do you actually believe in that stuff?"
  16. Welcome To The Di$count Univer$e by Di$count Univer$e
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    "I don't understand this."
  17. Punk's Not Dead by Christopher Lee Sauvé
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    "Why would you want to wear that?"
  18. Vintage Michael Bolton
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    JK, this is the ONE she gets.