1. This list is inspired by the mixed reviews Bieber's AMAs Nirvana shirt is getting. I have a very hard time believing any musician (even Justin Bieber) would wear a Nirvana shirt without hearing or liking the band. I beliebe -- you should, too.
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  2. Putting this Metallica shirt here, too. I'm not saying Bieber is Mensa material, but I highly doubt he'd rep a band without actually listening to the music. I bet he loves "Nothing Else Matters," at least. Extra points for the blue mirrored shades.
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  3. You can barely tell but Bieber has on three shirts for this look. THREE! I'd be sweating, but he's not because he's so cool.
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  4. This is the only look in his Beyoncé-style multi-video drop, but it's a winner and double denim is not easy to pull off.
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  5. His first major foray into high fashion! Bieber did it so right with Olivier Rousteing and Balmain -- a designer and house with legitimate fashion cred as well as a deep love of pop culture.
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  6. This orange camo puffer probably wouldn't translate well for Bieber IRL, but it is perfect for this Billboard editorial shoot. Full disclosure: I own an orange puffer, so I might be biased.
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  7. Short sleeved button-ups can be unkind, especially if you want any hope of looking cool. Fortunately for all of us, Bieber obliterates in this shirt, thanks in large part to that haircut.
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  8. I'd be down for this L'uomo Vogue look to resurface on a red carpet soon.
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  9. This lapelllllll! I could get into Bieber going through a trench coat phase. ATTN: Scooter Braun / Ryan Good.
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  10. Some might say his blond is too yellow here, but he looks too happy to care. I thought I was over waist-tied flannels, but this has changed my mind.
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  11. Harry Styles sort of has the shirt-unbuttoned-to-the-waist game on lock right now, but I think this Complex editorial look proves Bieber could make this a regular thing and give him a run for his money.
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  12. You might have missed it, but Justin Bieber is on a secret mission to bring trucker hats back. They're pretty much all he wears these days. Will he succeed? Probably.
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  13. Ok, he's not wearing a shirt, so my definition of "look" here is loose, but this hair is the best. Very '90s Tiger Beat fold-out but not cheesy and plus a knife.
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