I went to Shapeways 3D printing factory today in Long Island City, and it was magical. 📱📠✨
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    If you print something out of a nylon polymer, it starts as just a powder.
    The powder comes in giant barrels that remind me of "Breaking Bad" because that's the extent of my exposure to industrial lab chemicals.
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    High-resolution lasers melt the powders to make them stay in place.
    I think the fact that that surprised me means I had NOT ONE CLUE how 3D printing worked before today even though I definitely thought I did.
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    Non-Makerbot 3D printers are enormous.
    Like, bigger than refrigerators!
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    You can make metal goods with 3D printing by 3D printing the mold that the metal would be cast in.
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    I have not been taking advantage of 3D printing for all of my jewelry dreams but will start today.
    Mark my words, List App. I'm gonna be drenched in custom jewelz soon.
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    Most people right now use Shapeways' 3D printing services to make tchotchkes.
    I saw at least 5 My Little Pony figurines, 4 emoji paperweights, and about a bazillion tiny army men-sized action figures.
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    At least one person has used 3D printing to make a bespoke cock block.
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    There are free apps you can download to start learning how to 3D model...
    The ambitious option
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    But if you send Shapeways a bunch of Google images and line drawings, they'll engineer the model for you and print it themselves. 😈
    What I will be doing
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    I am a huge nerd.