You had a late night but now you have to go to work/school, how do you prioritize these 5 necessary parts of your morning, from most (1) to least important (5)?
  1. I'll start... 1) Getting enough sleep, 2) Looking presentable, 3) Being on time, 4) Showering, 5) Eating breakfast
    Yes, I'm separating "Looking presentable" and "Showering." Check your judgement at the door.
  2. 1) being on time 2) looking presentable 3) getting enough sleep 4) eating breakfast 5) showering
    I'm nvr late. 'Presentable' is a bit subjective - if I don't have mascara running down my face I'm clear. Enough sleep? Didn't I already throw that out the door when I stayed out late? I oversleep most nights so lets just hope that helps me power through this rare occurrence I've decided to socialize. I'll just order bfast delivery once I get there. Im a night shower kinda gal- even on the latest nights. Can't have cig hair rub all over my pillow.
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  3. 1) showering 2) being on time 3) eating breakfast 4)looking presentable 5) getting enough sleep
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