1. I was summoned for jury duty today.
    It's the first time I've ever had to go.
  2. I woke up at 6am and drove all the way to the federal court downtown where I was summoned.
  3. No cell phones allowed.
    So I brought a book.
  4. I sat in the waiting area for 3+ hours.
    They played the movie Hitch and everyone was wayyyyyy too into it.
  5. I got called to go upstairs.
  6. They put me in the jury block.
  7. They asked us questions.
  8. They asked me if I could be impartial and I hesitated.
    I did this on purpose because some dude in line told me that's how he's been dismissed before.
  9. We took an hour for lunch.
  10. I sat in my car and had a panic attack.
    I really hate being in those situations and I just wanted to go home.
  11. We came back and they pulled me into a separate room and questioned me privately.
    Cue panic attack #2
  12. They sent me back out and we waited longer as they questioned other people.
  13. They came back and they excused people.
  14. They did not have on file that I am a student.
    I'm not taking classes this summer but still, they let ALL the other students go.
  15. They told us all to come back tomorrow morning to finish the juror selection process.
  16. It's a really high profile case
    I remember seeing it on the news. Armed robbery, assault, corruption, and attempted murder of a federal judge.
  17. And I want NOTHING to do with it.
    But I have no choice.
  18. Cue panic attack #3