1. .
  2. There are moments in which I am completely sure of who I am
  3. Those moments are both comforting and suffocating
  4. At times I feel a certain level of confidence in knowing myself enough to forgive myself
  5. But other times I am terrified of the idea that I will never or can never change
  6. That I can't be better
  7. That I won't
  8. .
  9. Then there are moments in which I have absolutely no idea who I am
  10. What I'm doing
  11. Where I'm going
  12. Who I want to be
  13. And those moments should be freeing and exciting
  14. But they're dangerous
  15. .
  16. I put my pride before my happiness
  17. And I can't trust myself to choose what's best for me
  18. So I pretend like I am already the way I'm meant to be
  19. .
  20. It's a weird feeling
  21. Being uneasy with yourself
  22. .