1. It's been forever since I've consumed alcohol
    Like a month but whatever
  2. But I'm done with the semester AND I don't work tomorrow so fuck it
  3. I'm drinking vodka
    && pomegranate juice bc that's all I had
  4. I watched a really bad comedy special
  5. I went on tinder
    And I had like 10 "super likes"
  6. Let's talk about super likes for a minute
    THEY'RE FUCKING CREEPY. Not once have I ever received a super like and thought, "omg my prince awaits me!"
  7. I then went on fb and saw all these statuses about people graduating on time and I drank more
    Bc I won't graduate college until I'm 87
  8. Also why do people decorate their caps?
    When did this become a thing? Some are cute but MOST are dumb as hell. Come on, people.
  9. Alright that's all I got
  10. This app rules
  11. Y'all are the best
  12. Good night