1. Tonight was my friend's going away party
    He's moving to Nevada and I'm devastated. I only have like 2 really good friends and he's one of them.
  2. It was at a crowded bar in midtown
    Half of the people there were strangers and the other half were school friends of mine who I haven't seen in a long time.
  3. I drove myself so I didn't drink
    I had one beer approx. 4 hours before I left.
  4. Everyone else was really drunk
    Like really drunk
  5. I was dreading going because I thought it was going to be awkward
    I haven't seen everyone in so long and I always feel guilty for not making plans with them more.
  6. But it was actually kind of amazing
    It turns out being the sober person isn't that bad.
  7. Everyone was incredibly nice to me
    I haven't seen anyone since I chopped my hair so I got tons of compliments. When people saw I wasn't drinking, they offered to buy me food. I got lots of hugs too.
  8. I was able to have some great conversations
    Idk if anyone will remember what we talked about tomorrow but I will.
  9. It was entertaining
    Drunk people can be really funny.
  10. It got a little emotional
    My friend is the most genuine, caring person I know. He pulled me aside and told me how much he loves me until I cried and vice versa. Our little talk made me so glad I decided to come out tonight.
  11. I was able to appreciate the whole experience more
    And I'll remember all of it!
  12. And I got to drive myself home
    I haven't been out this late in a looooong time and I'm so glad I can sleep in my own bed.