1. I'm sitting in my Philosophy of Religion class when the girl next to me sneezes.
  2. I am (basically) an atheist
  3. But it occurs to me in the brief moments after her sneeze that I always bless people when they sneeze.
  4. It's not a religious thing, I just do it to be polite.
  5. But I never really say, "God bless you."
  6. I usually just say, "Bless you."
  7. But there I am in a class all about the Christian/Islamic/Jewish God
  8. Sitting next to someone who I know is Muslim and believes in God.
  9. What to do?
  10. I'm overthinking this x10000
  11. And the window of time in which it is appropriate to bless someone is rapidly closing.
  12. So I turn to her and I say, "Bless you!"
  13. *awkward pause*
  14. I then quickly stammer out, "God...bless you?"
  15. She starts cracking up
  16. And thanks me.