1. A couple months ago I bought a book of flower patterns and I started teaching myself how to stitch
  2. My first attempt was iffy
    But hey at least it looks like a flower!
  3. My second attempt was a little better
  4. My third attempt is still in progress
    You can't really tell in this photo but it's massive
  5. I've also tried my hand at cross-stitching
    I promise I'll finish this one day. After I'm done laughing at it.
  6. I just started making my own stuff
    This is the first original thing I've stitched. It was a birthday gift for a friend of my mine who loves Carl Sagan. He recently got the pale blue dot tattooed on his wrist so I thought this would be a cute gift. It's far from perfect but I'm pleased with how it turned out.
  7. Another space related stitch
  8. Another gift for a friend
    Really proud of how the border turned out but the text was such a pain and I don't really like how it looks.
  9. Late night stitching
    Getting a little better at text. I really like this one.