1. Off ONE glass of wine
    A large glass albeit but whatever
  2. Almost two weeks of low carb and I am officially a light weight
  3. This is so weird
  4. I just trie d telling my dog how much I love him and why adopting him was the best thing I've done
  5. And he just fucking staredd at me and went back to sleep
  6. Rude ass
  7. I have to work in the morning
  8. This is weird
  9. My friends are going away this weekend and I'm kind of bummed
  10. Bc that means there's no chance of me seeing the summer fling boy
  11. Bc I don't have his numbe r
    But I've sucked his dick like what how weird
  12. I'm trying to fill out my planner
    It's cute
  13. But I put my friends bday on the wrong day lmao
  14. And I'm too OCD to change it
  15. There all better lmao
  16. Anyway I hate myself
  17. Goodnight