1. I keep trying to distract myself but I feel so helpless.
  2. We dropped my grandma off at the airport today.
  3. She's going back to India for two months to visit family.
  4. I begged her not to go.
  5. I even offered to reimburse her for the plane ticket
  6. But she wanted to go.
  7. I'm not convinced she'll be allowed back.
  8. That sounds overdramatic, I know.
  9. India isn't even on the list of banned countries.
  10. But she doesn't speak English.
  11. She's not a citizen.
  12. She's lived and worked here for over ten years with a green card
  13. But I'm scared.
  14. It's only been 10 days.
  15. Who knows where we'll be in two months.
  16. Or two years.
  17. I can't even imagine how the rest of the world is feeling.
  18. The immigrants and refugees from those nations.
  19. I didn't sleep last night.
  20. I skipped class today.
  21. I watched a bunch of movies.
  22. I cleaned my room.
  23. I tried to focus on the good in the world.
  24. I donated to the ACLU.
  25. And that's all fine for a day but it's night now
  26. And I still feel helpless.
  27. I can't sleep.
  28. How can I?