LET! IT! SNOW!!!!!!

  1. I have two final exams tomorrow
  2. So naturally I waited until the day before to start studying for them
  3. BUT
  4. This is what my backyard looks like right now
    It all accumulated overnight.
  5. And it's going to keep going...
  6. And going...
  7. I wasn't going to get my hopes up
  8. UNTIL
  9. One of my professors made our final a take-home quiz 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  10. So now I'm just waiting on prof #2
  11. Update: I should never get my hopes up for anything
    Are you fucking kidding me.
  12. Another update: it's still snowing
    My mom and I shoveled the driveway a couple hours ago and it's already completely buried again.
  13. 500+ schools in Michigan are closed
    And I'm still waiting to hear from mine...
  14. It's 6am and my school hasn't closed yet
    I'm going to cry. It's so bad outside and the last thing I want to do is drive to campus.
  15. Well at least my night class is cancelled
    She knows what's up.