1. Reading these books I just bought
  2. My dad going back to India
    I. Need. Peace. And. Quiet.
  3. Graduation season to be over
    Look, I know college isn't a race. I switched schools and majors and plans so I'm on a new path. I'll get there. I know. I get it. But still. Seeing all the folks I started school with graduate while I'm sitting at home eating chips is annoying 🙃
  4. All the Glossier shit I ordered to get here
    I've literally never tried anything from this brand so I thought it would be wise to throw all my money at them. Stay tuned.
  5. Nice(r) weather
    I want to get tan and go on long, peaceful walks with my dog.
  6. My measly bonus
    I need to pay off my credit card (see above).
  7. It Comes At Night
    I love me some horror and, at this point, I am on board for anything A24 does.
  8. Seeing St. Vincent in Nov!!!!