How a Hollywood heartthrob caused chaos on my college campus.
  1. It was the spring of 2013
    I was wrapping up my first year of college at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.
  2. Finals were just around the corner and the air was buzzing with excitement because everybody's boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, was in town directing a movie.
  3. This movie to be specific:
    I've never seen Lost River but it's the first and only movie RG has directed so that's neat.
  4. A couple of scenes were being shot at the Detroit Masonic Temple just a few blocks away.
  5. I was working for WSU's athletic department at the time.
    I sold tickets for various sporting events. The job required me to spend a lot of time in the university's field house.
  6. I went to work one day to find the rest of the staff all giddy.
  7. My boss looked at me and said, "Holy shit, Gagneet, you'll never guess what just happened! RYAN GOSLING WAS HERE! Like you JUST missed him! Look, I got a picture with him! He's so nice!"
  8. I don't know all the details but I guess RG & company needed a pool for the movie or something.
    As you could probably guess, there aren't a lot of private pools in Midtown Detroit.
  9. So my boss offered to let the prince of perfect bone structure use the pool in our field house.
    Or at least that's what she told me. I don't know how long they filmed there or how much, if any, of that footage made it into the movie. I'm just going off of what I was told.
  10. The news spread through our campus like a wildfire and pretty soon everyone was on the hunt to find the lovely lothario.
  11. My friends started making excuses to walk with me to work.
  12. I'd go on Instagram and some random girl in my bio lecture or something would have ran into him earlier.
  13. I was on my way to a class when I saw this on a telephone pole:
  14. It all descended into madness very quickly.
    Someone tweeted that RG was just hanging out in the middle of the library during finals week and people believed it, rushed in there, and caused a huge scene. People were literally being kicked out of the library because the thirst was too real.
  15. I would have been a lot more amused by all of this if it weren't for the fact that basically everyone I worked with got to meet him and I didn't.
    It clearly wasn't meant to be.
  16. Things died down when no one had seen him for weeks and the semester came to an end.
  17. All was quiet.
  18. UNTIL
  19. Months later, I was getting ready to go to my summer class and I received a string of texts from my roommate.
  20. She was FREAKING out because Ryan Gosling had just walked into the campus Starbucks (where she worked) and ordered a drink from her.
  22. She even got a photo with him:
  23. I went on Facebook and SO many other people I knew in Detroit had met him that day and got photos with him.
  24. Naturally, I was very jealous.
  25. UNTIL
  26. A local radio station posted this on their Facebook:
  27. Yeah that was not Ryan Gosling.
    The real beddable babe had left Detroit weeks earlier.
  28. 'Twas an impersonator hired by the radio station to walk around all day fooling people.
    Hey girl, please don't look too closely at my face.
  29. My roommate was devastated.
    To make matters worse, the radio station put her picture with the fake RG on their website.
  30. My friends and I all thought it was hilarious.
    Because we weren't the ones who were duped.
  31. So what have we learned here, folks?
    1.) Ryan Gosling is apparently a super chill dude capable of inciting mass hysteria and 2.) if he approaches you on the street or in a Starbucks, it's probably too good to be true.
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  33. Haha this just popped up on Timehop