Let me be your media sommelier! An ongoing list.
  1. Ex Machina + Westworld
    Robo titties galore! Chronologically speaking, Ex Machina is a perfect precursor to Westworld. It would be easy to see these two stories existing in the same universe. The two share a lot of similar themes and deal with a lot of the same questions regarding consciousness, ethics, and what constitutes life.
  2. When Harry Met Sally... + Seinfeld
    Tales from the friendzone. These two together just make sense to me. The humor and the characters are all very similar and they're both set in the same city. Seinfeld is definitely more whacky but I always felt like Jerry and Elaine were what Harry and Sally would have been if they didn't end up together.
  3. Office Space + The Office
    Work sucks. I know that this is an obvious one but I felt like I should include it anyway. Everyone knows what it's like to have a job they absolutely hate and these two tackle that issue from different perspectives.
  4. Her + Black Mirror
    The future freaks me out. Her could very well have been an episode of Black Mirror. They both provide interesting perspectives into how humanity interacts with technology and vice versa. Her doesn't absolutely crush your soul in the way that most Black Mirror episodes do, making them an excellent pair. You have one to bring you up when the other brings you down.
  5. Amélie + Pushing Daisies
    Quirky magic. Pushing Daisies is like a cross between Amélie and Big Fish but if I had to pick between the two movies, I'd pick Amélie. While the plots of these two are very different, they share a similar style, color palette, and charm.
  6. Super 8 + Stranger Things
    Everybody loves Spielberg! You can pair a lot of movies with Stranger Things since it blatantly takes from almost every major sci-fi/horror movie. However, I wanted to pair Stranger Things with a movie that isn't directly referenced in the show. Both Stranger Things and Super 8 are nostalgic love letters to the classic movies of their genre. They both focus on kids attempting to unravel larger-than-life mysteries within their small towns and they're both a lot of fun.
  7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World + Man Seeking Woman
    Love is weird. In these, you watch two awkward dudes trying to figure it all out while getting thrown into a bunch of zany situations. Scott Pilgrim is strictly comic book inspired while Man Seeking Woman is all over the place. However, I think the two compliment each other well.
  8. Jawbreaker + Pretty Little Liars
    Take this to your grave. I'll admit, I've only seen a few episodes of PLL but I feel like I got the gist of it lol. Both follow gorgeous high schoolers as they get way in over their heads while trying to protect some crazy secret(s).
  9. The Social Network + Silicon Valley
    Wire in, nerds. Okay so these two could not be any more different in terms of tone but they are essentially about the same thing. Both detail the ups and downs of trying to start your own tech company. I think these two make an interesting pair because The Social Network, a drama based off of true events, has been criticized for its exaggeration whereas Silicon Valley, a fictional comedy, has been praised for its accurate(ish) depiction of the tech industry.