The only consistent thing in my life is listing about movies.
  1. The Incredible Jessica Jones
    Jessica Williams is magnetic in this new Netflix original. I feel Netflix is finally starting to put out movies that are on par with the quality of their shows. This is a short, funny movie about being stuck and moving on. The chemistry between Williams and O'Dowd is both surprising and wonderful. My only gripe is that I'm getting a little tired of these movies that try so hard to encapsulate all things "millennial." But beneath the surface lies a great little movie with a fantastic lead.
  2. The Founder
    Iiiiiiii did not like this and not just because traitorous BJ is in it (although that doesn't help). Idk I'm not usually into movies about assholes who make it big unless there is some kind of justice served - even if it's small. You don't get that here. Also the directing style drove me a little crazy lol. There were so. many. cuts. It was like watching a YouTube video. Good cast but not my cup of tea. Also I've never seen a movie that made me want McDonald's less and I've seen Super Size Me.