For the first time!
  1. Yes Man
    It's like Liar Liar but instead of being unable to lie, Jim Carrey has to say yes to everything. Liar Liar has way more heart than this movie though. It's whacky and entertaining at parts but it's super predictable. The movie relies too heavily on Jim Carrey to carry it and he tries but it's not enough.
  2. Crimson Peak
    It was marketed as a straight-up horror film but it's really a gothic romance. Either way, it's fucked up. As expected from Guillermo del Toro, it's very pretty but the carefully constructed visuals don't make up for the movie's slow pace. He creates a really effective creepy atmosphere but all the tension builds to an underwhelming climax.
  3. The LEGO Batman Movie
    The first 30 minutes had me rolling. It was quick, hilarious, and SO meta. The ending drags a lot but it's a really fun movie overall. I thought Michael Cera was an amazing Robin and Zach Galifianakis was a great Joker. My only real gripe is that they have so many awesome voice actors but their characters have like two lines. Also Ralph Fiennes voices Alfred but he doesn't voice Voldemort! Yes, Voldemort is in this movie. It's wild.
  4. Get Out
    In hindsight, I should have known this was going to be a horror comedy but the trailers were misleading. It's a lot of fun and it totally flips a bunch of conventional horror movie tropes. I love Daniel Kaluuya and it was great to see him in a leading role. There's some genuinely surprising moments and a lot of laughs. It's a great satire and a solid directorial debut from Jordan Peele.
  5. Brooklyn
    I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did. It's a really lovely coming-of-age/romance story. It's like everything a Nicholas Sparks novel wishes it could be. It flows magnificently, the cinematography is great, and I legitimately fell for the characters. Saoirse Ronan is amazing! She is the heart and soul of this movie. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing this.