1. Okja
    I feel like I'm kind of missing something here. I totally get what this was going for and I understand that it's satire and it's supposed to be over the top and heavy handed but I don't understand the hype. I personally would have been more moved had this been a story about a real animal. I guess that doesn't shock people anymore? Idk. I liked the combination of actors/producers/etc. I'm hoping Netflix will continue doing projects like this (even though this one didn't completely win me over).
  2. The Big Sick
    This was very cute! It's hard to find rom coms that aren't complete cheese but this one has a great balance. It's sweet but it keeps itself grounded in reality and that has a lot to do with the fact that it's inspired by the actual first year of Kumail & Emily's relationship. It's even harder to find rom coms that deal with interracial couples and topics like arranged marriage. I'm glad this movie is getting some traction because I would love to see more stories like this.
  3. Lion
    Okay so I just watched this with my mom and the subtitles were turned off for some reason. So for the first 30 minutes I was like "Wow! I can't believe they didn't sub any of the Hindi! How did white ppl understand this???" I understand Hindi pretty well but then they started speaking Bengali and I was totally lost and that's when I found out that there were subs after all lol. Anyway I'm dumb but this is a beautiful movie. I'm still crying. I'm in love with Dev Patel. Sunny Pawar is the cutest.
  4. To the Bone
    Iiiiiiii don't know how I feel about this. I was weary going into it, then I was on board, then I was not. There were parts that were really well done, well acted, and had something to say. But then the movie started to veer into some weird, heavy-handed territory and it lost me. I also kept wondering if a movie like this is necessary? Is it supposed to help? If so, wouldn't a complete, successful ED recovery story be better than just a story of the struggle? Idk.
  5. Dunkirk
    I know I pass myself off as a film ho™ but really I'm just a fuckboi who praises everything Chris Nolan does. This is no exception. I loved this. It's shorter than you'd think but it's filled with action that unfolds beautifully. The acting is great. It's TENSE af. I was in a sold out theater and you could literally hear the whole audience exhale after certain scenes. Also it might be the prettiest war movie I've ever seen. It's harrowing and scary but it's also spellbinding and beautiful.