1. Wonder Woman
    I haven't seen any of the DC movies and tbh I'm so sick of superheroes. However, I whole heartedly believe women deserve a place within this genre so I happily made an exception. This was okay. Didn't love the script. You could tell it was written by a man. Liked the action but wasn't really into the style (too much slow-mo). However, I thought Gal Gadot was good and I hope this makes a ton of money just to shut people up lol. Plus think of all the little Wonder Women there will be on Halloween!
  2. Bridget Jones's Baby
    I knew this was going to be rubbish before I started watching it but I just HAD to watch it. Bridget Jones's Diary is lowkey one of my go-to movies when I'm utterly depressed and lonely. I had to ensure that Bridget ends up with Mark in the end. This was bad but not worse than I was expecting and, I can't believe I'm saying this, I kind of missed Hugh Grant.
  3. The Edge of Seventeen
    Loved this. I usually find that teen movies are hard to relate to but this one felt more genuine. Even as an adult (and I use that word lightly), I found myself relating to this movie more than I was expecting. It wasn't super original but it wasn't super cliché either. It toed the line nicely. I was also really impressed with Hailee Steinfeld and I think she should act more.
  4. Blue Jay
    What an awful movie for a sad, lonely soul such as myself to watch alone while I'm on my period lol. This was beautiful. Simple, sweet, and real. So so real. I'm usually not a fan of movies that are 100% improv but Paulson and Duplass make it work. I have been saying for years that I wish Sarah Paulson would ditch Ryan Murphy and do more because she's too damn good. This is a kind of role we never get to see her play and, like always, she's magic.
  5. Dark Places
    I started watching this a while back but I just got around to finishing it. I'm surprised how close this movie is to the book because I thought the book was okay and this movie is bad. Like so, so bad. The cast is too good for this movie to be so bad. But even then, I didn't like how Charlize Theron played Libby. She's an unlikeable character in the book and just the worst in the movie lol. Gillian Flynn even wrote the script but idk it just doesn't work at all.
  6. 20th Century Women
    A beautiful, charming, and poignant film with a wonderful ensemble cast. I loved everything about the cinematography and the soundtrack. It captured the late 70s without being too over the top. I also, unsurprisingly, thought Annette Bening was amazing. She always bring her own unique flair to the characters she plays. I keep trying to think of another actress who could have done this role to the same degree but I can't.
  7. Room
    I finally got around to reading the book and the first thing I did when I finished it was watch this movie. It's a little different from the book but it's still just as heartbreaking and beautiful. Brie Larson is fantastic and Jacob Tremblay delivers one of the better performances I've seen from a child actor. Their connection in the film felt so genuine and they do an excellent job of carrying the emotional weight of their roles.
  8. Stardust
    Overall, this is a cute movie but it deviates from the book quite a bit and it's frustrating at times. There were moments when I was genuinely laughing and moments when I was laughing because I had no idea what was happening. I will say, I loved Charlie Cox as Tristran. He's so stinking cute. I might have to start watching Daredevil (jk idc about Daredevil). I don't think the movie has the same dreamy magic as the book but it's still pretty fun.
  9. Baby Driver
    I looooooove Edgar Wright and I looooooved this. Just to be clear, this is not a movie about a baby who can drive or someone driving babies around. This is a really fun action/comedy with a stellar cast and a BUMPIN soundtrack. I didn't really think much of Ansel Elgort before this movie (tbh I didn't really see him in much before this movie) but I'm board now. I can dig it. Go see this.