1. Zootopia
    I won't get into why but I hate Disney. I thought Zootopia was okay though. The intent and the overall message is wonderful but I thought it was executed kind of poorly. Idk I think Pixar could have pulled off this kind movie a lot better. Yes, I know Pixar is owned by Disney and I have lots of opinions about that too. I am not fun at parties lmao.
  2. Pariah
    I watched this movie for my gender, sexuality, and power in screen studies class. Pariah is a coming-out/coming-of-age film that is vibrant and moving. While it deals with a very difficult subject matter, there are moments where it's surprisingly sweet and even funny. It's an honest and beautiful story about the struggle of being true to oneself.
  3. Trainwreck
    I had no interest in ever watching this movie but I decided to put it on in the background while I was studying the other day. I hate Amy Schumer so I wasn't expecting to like this movie but I was genuinely surprised by how long and boring it is. I was totally on board with Bill Hader as the leading man but even he couldn't sell me on this.
  4. Arrival
    This is my favorite movie of the year so far. 2016 has been a particularly shitty year for movies but even if Arrival had come out last year, it would have easily been in my top 5. I am a sucker for a solid sci-fi, especially when it's as emotional and poignant as Arrival. This movie is ambitious as hell but it's executed so well it makes me want to watch everything Villeneuve has ever done. Also, Amy Adams gives an incredible performance. I'm obsessed.
  5. Bee Movie
    Lmao I'm the worst. I made my family watch this with me on Thanksgiving. I just wanted to know if it's as bad as people say. I've seen all the memes and shit so I thought I was prepared for what I was about to watch but omg I wasn't. This movie is SO insane and it's hard to tell what is intentional and what isn't. If you love bad movies and you haven't seen this, you're really missing out.
  6. Here are some excerpts of me live-texting Bee Movie movie to a friend...
  7. Aaaand here is that same friend texting me while watching Bee Movie...
  8. Lol I just want you all to understand how crazy this movie is.
  9. Don't Breathe
    We just wrapped up a really interesting unit on horror in my screen studies class. We were originally supposed to watch Halloween but my professor changed her mind at the last minute and we watched Don't Breathe instead. There's a lot to talk about here but it's not great. I get the hype because it's very unexpected and unrelenting but it's hella problematic. Also, being from the Detroit area, I hate when movies like this depict the city from such a narrow, outside perspective.
  10. That's it for this month
    There's still a lot I have to see! I was actually planning on seeing Fantastic Beasts tonight but that's probably not going to happen. Hopefully I'll get to it soon and hopefully my December list won't be as random as this one.