I posted a list about clowns earlier and then I deleted it to post this instead lol.
  1. Back when my approach was to write pseudo BuzzFeed articles.
  2. The first person I followed: @mindy
    Lol sorry, @bjnovak
  3. My first follower: @PeteOnEarth
  4. Static
    That old logo 😭
  5. My first list worthy of BJ's praise: THE THREE THINGS I WANT MOST IN THIS WORLD
  6. My first list that got 100+ likes: HOW LI.ST CAME TO BE
    It is also my most liked list!
  7. It's okay. My order has since changed.
  8. Static
  9. My favorite list I've written: NOT A GIRL / NOT YET A WOMAN
    So far!
  10. When I first joined this app, I was too afraid to post anything so it's kind of cool to hit 100 lists.
  11. Thanks for being with me for the first 100!
  12. Also thanks for reading this obnoxious mess.
    I really just needed to justify all the screen caps I've had on my phone for months.
  13. Here's to a 100 more! 🎉🎉🎉