1. THEN: I had just moved back home.
    NOW: I am still living at home but I don’t mind it as much.
  2. THEN: My best friend left me alone in Chicago and stopped talking to me
    NOW: She does a lot to show me that she’s sorry and she cares. She’s more open with me. I am her maid of honor. Today is her birthday. We’re getting drinks later.
  3. THEN: I was so depressed I couldn’t move. I rarely left my house.
    NOW: I’m still depressed but it’s manageable. I go outside and participate in life.
  4. THEN: I drank alone a lot on the weekdays and pretended like it was totally fine.
    NOW: I only drink on the weekends in social settings and I don’t feel bad about it.
  5. THEN: I had just started community college after running away from my university and cutting ties with everyone there. I hated my major. I hated the city. My grades were shit. I had no motivation.
    NOW: I’m at a different, more-prestigious (not that it matters) university. I’m a year into a new program that I love. I care about school again. I’m in the honor society and I made the dean’s list last year.
  6. THEN: I was too closed off to even consider dating or pursuing anything that resembled a relationship
    NOW: I’m open to it but it’s not a priority.
  7. THEN: I was probably 30lbs overweight and was really uncomfortable with myself.
    NOW: Now it’s like 15lbs and I’m okay with that.
  8. THEN: I had a very sick beta fish.
    NOW: I have the sweetest rescue dog. RIP Wilson lol.
  9. THEN: Worked for the bank and hated every second of it.
    NOW: I still work the same bank and I still hate every second of it. You can’t win them all.
  10. THEN: I posted my first list.
    NOW: I post my last.