1. I go back and delete tweets that don't get enough likes
  2. I care way too much about the aesthetic of my Instagram
  3. I will put on makeup and/or change my clothes to take a selfie
    If I'm not already looking 🔥
  4. I use Goodreads more than I use Facebook
  5. Almost every session is a private session on Spotify
    My driving playlist is full of guilty pleasures
  6. I have a fake Twitter account
    I use it to share my Birchbox and get more points. I also use it to like my own tweets 😷
  7. I always type out long, personal rants on Tumblr and delete them
  8. I only go on Tinder when I'm drunk or absolutely miserable
    Or both
  9. I want to use Snapchat more but I don't feel like my life is interesting enough
  10. I fantasize about deleting every social media account I have and living off the grid