1. What a coincidence! I shipped out my secret Santa gift today and I came home after work to find one waiting for me!
  2. My secret Santa was @angela3950 ❤️❤️❤️
    I was so excited to see a familiar (user)name!
  3. It was so cute I wanted to cry
    Spoiler alert: I did.
    Angela really went all out and I feel so honored. I don't deserve such kindness. 😭
  5. A stocking full of goodies
    We don't do stockings in my house so I was SO excited when I saw this.
  6. A mug, tea, and some lovely Christmassy items
    Sooooooo cute!
  7. Movie stuff
    Cookies I cannot wait to make and a book I cannot wait to read. Also, I've never seen Four Christmases so expect to see that on my December movie list.
  8. Travel treasures
    Now I can pretend like I've actually seen the world!
  9. Regional/local goodies
    Lovely Angela went out and got me stuff from her area! The lumberjack socks are amazing and I hope that the Bigfoot ornament (it's kind of hard to see but it's awesome) sparks many conversations in the future.
  10. A scarf, enamel pins, and 👀 socks
    SO cute! I love them all! 😭
    This is so nice like are you kidding me???? This is when I started to actually cry. That lip color is gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear it!
  12. A little bank stocking 😂
    I cracked up when I saw this omg. As a former banker, Angela knows my work woes better than most people so she made me this spectacular stocking.
    Lots of nerding out over this. More tears.
  14. Yoda will be in good company lol
  15. So will Jyn Erso!
  16. Omg Angela, I cannot thank you enough!
    You were the best secret Santa! Everything from your lovely card to the adorable wrapping paper was perfect. I'm amazed and I'm so incredibly grateful that you took the time and effort to put all of this together for me. Thank you for truly making my spirit bright. 💖
  17. Also a HUGE thanks to @DawnCloud for setting all of this up
    It's people like you who make this community so great!
  18. Alright I'm going to go cry some more