I just got back from a little vacation I took with some friends. We got an Airbnb on a deer farm in upstate NY. We did a lot of exploring so I have a bunch of pictures to share but I thought I'd start with the deer.
  1. The fenced off area for the deer was located right behind the house.
    It did not take us long to spot them. There were so many!
  2. We saw albino deer!
    The owner has a few of them actually. They're apparently super rare.
  3. They were soooooo friendly!
    They're very used to being around people so it wasn't long before they were walking up to us.
  4. We were so exited
    Marie said she felt like a Disney princess.
  5. So damn cute
  6. This guy showed up and we got a little nervous...
  7. ...but he just wanted to join in on the fun!
  8. I even fed him a leaf!
  9. It was so cool I miss them already 😭❤🦌