1. I work at a bank as a teller.
  2. I've been working there for a little over a year now and this is the second time that this has happened to me.
    For the record, I live and work in a very safe suburb.
  3. The first time I was robbed, it was only my second week on the job.
    Back in September 2015.
  4. It was terrifying.
    The guy caught me off guard and really freaked me out. I followed procedure and got him out of there safely and quickly. No one knew what had happened until he left and I burst into tears. The police got a fingerprint off the note he handed me (which was really violent and threatening) and they caught him the next day. Yay!
  5. I was pretty shaken up about it.
    We had to have mandatory trauma counseling, none of my coworkers would leave me alone, and I couldn't sleep for a few days. My city's newspaper did a story about the robber and it turns out he was a heroin addict and a convicted rapist. Suuuuper gross, right?
  6. But I got over it pretty quickly and things went back to normal.
    When you work at a bank, it's bound to happen. Sure, it was scary but it wasn't personal. I handled it really well and for that, I was proud. I mentioned the robbery in my year-end review and got a pretty sweet raise so that was cool lol.
  7. Fast forward to today.
  8. Today was HELLA stressful.
    We were closed yesterday for Veterans Day so we were slammed all day today. My dumb manager didn't schedule enough people so we were doing a million things at once. Also we had a LOT of cash coming in.
  9. Half an hour before we were supposed to close, a customer walks in looking suspicious as hell.
    They had on a black hoodie with the hood up over a black baseball cap. Their eyes were fixed on the ground. Their hands buried in their pockets.
  10. My coworker said, "Hi, how are you today?" as loud as she could.
    She was the only other teller working with me. She had a customer at the time but she still immediately noticed how bad this looked.
  11. They didn't respond.
    They just kept looking down. My coworker and I gave each other a look and shook our heads. We knew exactly what was about to happen.
  12. So I took one for the team.
    I locked my bottom cash drawer (where I keep the bulk of my cash) and I told the robber to, "Come on up."
  13. They slid me a note.
    That's when I noticed the plastic gloves. No fingerprints this time. Nice. It was a typed note which was weird.
  14. The note demanded money and stated that there was a bomb in the building.
    There was no bomb in the building. I knew this when I read it but I wasn't going to call their bluff.
  15. The note said no dye packs or bait money.
    Standard robbery procedure is to follow instructions and keep everyone safe so I didn't even think about giving them my dye pack. I just grabbed a random amount of cash from my top drawer and handed it to them.
  16. They left and I tripped the alarm.
    We locked the doors and called the cops and corporate security.
  17. I wasn't afraid this time.
    I was really annoyed though. I just wanted to go home and this WOULD happen to me again.
  18. My coworker was really freaked out though.
    She's a mother of three and when she saw that note, she froze up. I don't blame her.
  19. The police caught the robber almost instantly.
    It turns out the robber (who was an old ass white lady btw) robbed the Chase down the street 15 minutes prior to waltzing into our branch. Thankfully no one was hurt there either. The cops were already responding to Chase's call when they got mine.
  20. She was on foot.
    I was still on the phone with cooperate security when my coworker said she saw the cops arresting the robber in our own parking lot. So yeah, she didn't get far. What an idiot.
  21. The police took our statements and waited with us for our regional manager and operations manager to show up.
    The cops were really chill. Way more chill than the cops from my first robbery. We were cracking jokes and eating cookies. It was kind of nice.
  22. When all was said and done, it wasn't that bad.
    The robber was caught and everyone was okay. We're a bank so we're federally insured for the cash so that's not a big deal. The managers were really pleased with how I handled everything. We only got out of there an hour later than we normally would have.
  23. But what if it was bad? What if it will be next time?
    And there WILL be a next time. I don't even like working at the bank. My branch manager (who went hunting this weekend and wasn't there) is the WORST and makes me miserable. Also banks are evil and it makes me feel icky just being there. I've only stayed this long because it pays better than my old retail jobs and it works out well with my school schedule. But do I really want to keep putting myself in this situation?
  24. My mom has worked for the company for 15 years and she's never even been present during a robbery.
    Am I some sort of robbery magnet??? I know I'm not the only person in the world to be robbed and it could have been way worse but it's weird, right?
  25. So idk maybe I need to start thinking about working somewhere else.
    My regional manager gave us a whole spiel about how the bank is great place to work and how we're better off than a lot of other places that get robbed. But he has to do that. It's his job. If he didn't do that people would quit all the time.
  26. TL;DR
    I'm fine. Everyone is fine. I hate my job.