1. Khaleesi
    Pro: sexy and cool! Con: I don't watch GOT.
  2. An Eggo waffle
    But only if someone else dresses up as Eleven from Stranger Things. Pro: easy. Con: not that sexy.
  3. Poe Dameron
    Pros: I too am dark and mysterious and I have a great head of hair! Cons: I'm not as hot as Oscar Isaac and it's probably impossible to find a women's X-Wing pilot suit.
  4. Leela
    Pro: I got the boots and the boobs. Con: I have two eyes.
  5. Steve Jobs
    Pro: I get to wear dad jeans and I have an excuse to look at my phone whenever I want. Con: turtleneck.
  6. Joyce
    Pros: I don't have to wash my hair or attempt to cover up the bags under my eyes and I get to carry around a ball of Christmas lights and yell at it. Cons: nothing???