Inspired by @PeteOnEarth
  1. Chicago by Sufjan Stevens
    Little Miss Sunshine. One of my all time favorites.
  2. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
    Kill Bill opening credits. I could make a whole list dedicated to the songs in Tarantino movies.
  3. These Days by Nico
    The Royal Tenenbaums. Taken from @PeteOnEarth because this song/scene is too damn good.
  4. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
    Boogie Nights. This scene is an emotional roller coaster and the song is a perfect fit.
  5. Where Is My Mind? by Pixies
    The ending of Fight Club.
  6. Layla by Derek and the Dominos
    Goodfellas. An interesting song choice but it fits really well.
  7. Wait by Alexi Murdoch
    The final scene in Away We Go. It's so pretty.
  8. Vagabond by Wolfmother
    (500) Days of Summer. It's the part of the movie where Tom starts to get his shit together and I love it.
  9. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
    Shaun of the Dead. I totally knew and loved this song before I saw this movie but I'd be remiss if I didn't include it because this scene is amazing.