Inspired by @drugs
  1. My name is Gagneet.
  2. Most people pronounce that as: GAG-neat.
    Pretty simple, right? I think so. People still butcher it all the time though.
  3. It's actually pronounced like: gugen-neet(h).
    Lol that's the first time I've ever attempted to spell out my name phonetically.
  4. Gagan (the first part of my name) means sky/heaven in Hindi.
  5. The eet sound is a common ending for a Punjabi name.
  6. But I don't expect people to call me Gaganeet because that's not how my parents decided to spell it.
    Gagneet is fine.
  7. I used to really hate my name.
    Like REALLY hate it. Growing up with a name like that in a predominately white town was never fun or easy.
  8. I used to dream of changing it.
    I wanted something pretty and anglo like the other girls in my class. Something that would make me blend in more. Something that teachers could pronounce without coaching. Something that no one could make fun of.
  9. But I could never settle on another name.
    Nothing fit me other than my own name and that always pissed me off. I thought my name was ugly and if it was fitting, that meant I was ugly too.
  10. Now I like my name.
    As I grew up, I realized that my name is a part of who I am. My mom didn't give me a name to be ashamed of. If someone else thinks it's ugly, that's their problem not mine.
  11. Or I guess I should say I like my names...
  12. My family calls me Guggie.
    It's a nickname I gave myself as a toddler because I couldn't say my own name right.
  13. My cousins lovingly call me Gaggie.
    It's only okay when they do it.
  14. Most of my friends call me Gag.
    I used to hate it but now I'm okay with it.
  15. @colcolter calls me Gagan.
    He spells it like Gugen though. Side note: he just made a list account so please follow him and make him write more!
  16. My coworkers call me Gagneezy.
    I'm not sure how that one stared.
  17. My old college roommates call me Gooby.
    Or goobs or goob.
  18. My high school marching band called me Gaga or Gaga-neet.
    You play Poker Face once at band camp and suddenly you're branded for life.
  19. My French teacher called me Gagchouette.
    Chouette = slang for neat or cool
  20. I could go on forever but you get the point.
  21. I've been through a lot with this name but it's mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  22. You can call me whatever you like.
    Gagneet, Gag, Guggie, Gagan, Gooby, whatever.
  23. Just say it with a smile! 😊