1. My friend Rachel and I were hanging out last night.
  2. We were on our way to another friend's house when Rachel yelled, "Watch out! I think there's a cat in the road!"
  3. So I slammed on my brakes and my car slid all over the ice.
    I just barely missed the cat.
  4. Although it wasn't a cat.
  5. It was a dog.
    A little chihuahua mix in the middle of the road during a winter storm.
  6. Rachel opened the passenger door and the dog ran over to her and jumped right in her lap.
    He was shivering and scared.
  7. We panicked for a minute and then we decided to keep the dog in the car.
    We couldn't leave him in the icy street!
  8. We went to our friend's house and we all stood around trying to figure out what to do with this dog.
  9. He clearly had a loving owner.
    He had no collar or tags but he was really well groomed and he was wearing a skull hoodie lol.
  10. We took this photo of him and posted it all over Facebook.
    He was so sweet and well behaved.
  11. We named him Thrasher
    Because he's clearly a badass.
  12. Then we all piled in my car and drove around the area for 2 hours trying to see if Thrasher's owner was out looking for him.
  13. We waved down so many people to ask them if they recognized the dog.
    Everyone said no.
  14. We gave up at 10pm.
    The snow was getting pretty extreme and we had tickets to see Rogue One at 10:45.
  15. Rachel agreed to keep Thrasher for the night.
    We found him a couple blocks from a veterinary office so our plan was to call them in the morning to see if Thrasher was a patient of theirs.
  16. We left Thrasher with Rachel's fiancé and we went and saw Rogue One.
    We didn't want to leave him but we bought our tickets a week in advance and they were non-refundable. We showed Rachel's fiancé all the Facebook posts so he could monitor them while we were out.
  17. Everything else played out while we were at the movies.
  18. Around 11:30pm someone commented that they know the owner of the dog.
    "His name is Eddie! I know his owner but she's not on Facebook!"
  19. Around 11:35pm someone else commented that they were the owner of the dog.
    "Umm no that's definitely my dog, Panda. I've been looking for him since October! Check my page, I have tons of photos of him."
  20. It turns out Eddie and Panda are the same dog.
  21. Panda went missing back in October.
  22. An elderly woman (who lives a couple blocks over from the actual owner) found Panda and decided to keep him and name him Eddie.
    Because that's a thing people do?
  23. Eddie got out of the house and got lost in the snow before we came along and scooped him up.
    And we named him Thrasher which, let's be honest, is a waaaaay cooler name than Eddie and Panda.
  24. Alex (Rachel's fiancé) tried calling the dog Eddie.
    The dog just stared at him.
  25. Then Alex called the dog Panda.
    The dog got all excited.
  26. So Alex messaged Panda's owner and she immediately dropped everything to come pick up the dog.
  27. Panda saw her and freaked out.
    He was so excited.
  28. The owner saw him and started bawling.
    She kept saying it was a Christmas miracle. She was so happy.
  29. She thanked Alex a million times and drove off with her dog.
  30. Later, we looked up the owner on Facebook and saw that she posted this status:
  31. While Rachel and I were bummed that we didn't get to say goodbye to our little friend, we were so happy that we found his rightful owner.