1. Today was a rough day.
    It was one of those Murphy's law days where anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.
  2. But when I got home from class, I saw this sitting on my bed...
  3. I wasn't expecting my college care package to come so quickly and I wasn't expecting it to be from @amieshmamie
  4. Amie is not only the kind soul behind this wonderful idea, she is also one of the first people to ever follow me on this app.
    So it means a LOT.
  5. On the back of my package, there was this quote from Life of Pi
    I once wrote in a list that I think this book made me a better person and I almost cried when I saw that quote written on there.
  6. Inside were all these thoughtful goodies
    All things that I love and really could use!
  7. A hand-written list
    From a lister! On The Office stationary!!! It's so perfect!!!!!
  8. And the sweetest note
    Amie, while this list is sort of like an informal thank you, expect a formal one in the mail! 💌
  9. 2016 has been a truly awful year for me but one of the silver linings has been this app and this community.
  10. You guys always make my days a little brighter.
  11. Today, Amie made this horrible day feel like nothing more than the passing shadow of a cloud.
    Amie, I cannot thank you enough but I will try!
  12. ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️
  13. ❤️