Inspired by @theshome & everyone else
  1. Saving money
    I cut out some stuff I didn't need, I sold some stuff I didn't want, I returned cans, and I started a change jar.
  2. Making money
    My monthly planner or Rihanna lyrics?
  3. Not wearing eye makeup
    I can shave off 10 minutes of my morning routine by just skipping my eye makeup. I've been wearing my glasses a lot so it's not really noticeable.
  4. Sharpie pens
    Guess who went back to school shopping!
  5. This eye pin I got from H&M
  6. Xanax
    I know prescription meds aren't for everyone but these babies actually keep my anxiety in check without making me feel weird.
  7. Witch hazel
    All this stress has been causing me to break out LIKE CRAZY and this has been great. I usually use an alcohol-free one but this stuff works well in a pinch.
  8. Blonde
    Just fuck me right up
  9. This community
    I've always been into this community but I'm especially into it this month. All of the lists about @biz were so moving. I did not know her but after reading all of the wonderful things you all had to say, I really wish I did. Also, the responses I got on my list about picking a new major were overwhelmingly supportive. You guys are incredible and I'm just so happy to be a part of this community.