1. Beauty blenders
    I started using these again. They're a hassle to clean but I've been breaking out a lot and I can blend my foundation so easily with these little guys.
  2. Remote controlled flameless candles
    There's nothing quite like having some sexy, romantic lighting while you cry yourself to sleep at night.
  3. Casey Affleck
    The better Affleck brother...well. You know. I'm conflicted but I'm glad he's finally getting some recognition with Manchester by the Sea.
  4. LOTR
    We marathon the trilogy every year and I just really love these movies.
  5. Being a failure at baking
    Part of my incredible secret Santa gift (thanks again @angela3950 ❤) was sugar cookie mix and a leg lamp cookie cutter. Making the cookies wasn't too bad but decorating them was a disaster. I only decorated a few and then I made random cookies to justify all the icing I bought. It's safe to say I'm no Betty Crocker.
  6. Lost dog Facebook groups
  7. Being done with the semester
    It's easy for me to question my decisions with everything I've been through. It's been really fucking hard getting back on track with school and I never feel like I'm getting anywhere. However, I worked my ass of this semester and I made the dean's list. I'm proud of that.
  8. Watkins Glen State Park, NY
    One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We risked near death hiking along the icy paths but it was worth it.
  9. A Seat at the Table
    I drove most of the 7 hours to/from NY while my friends slept. I decided to use that time to finally listen to Solange's album in its entirety. I was floored. It's truly a work of art.
  10. 2016 coming to an end