1. Contacting my representatives
    You should really be doing this too. This shit is terrifying.
  2. Meitu
    Thanks @Nicholas
  3. Black Mirror
    Why did no one tell me that this show exists??? This is 100% the kind of shit I'm into.
  4. My women and gender studies class
    Our textbook has a lot of amazing pieces written by both classic and modern feminist authors/poets/essayists. We got to discuss a lot of the good and bad with the women's march. It's just been really comforting to be surrounded by people who genuinely care.
  5. Old Disney songs
    Y'all know how I feel about the Disney cooperation but I've been really nostalgic lately and I do have a soul - unlike Disney. Heyyyyooooo!
  6. My toothbrush
    My mom dropped a lot of money on a smart toothbrush and I was mad at first because I thought it was unnecessary but it's actually amazing.
  7. That SNL sketch about the La La Land hype
    It perfectly encapsulated how I feel about this nonsense.
  8. My environmental policy professor
    Always serving up some sass.
  9. "Awaken, My Love!"
    I've been listening to this album a lot lately. It's a very different sound for Gambino. It's funky. I like it.