Because I have no self control.
  1. An R2-D2 humidifier
    No shame. Okay, maybe a little shame.
  2. A bicycle
    I should have thought this one through. Never buy a cheap bike from Target.
  3. An HD camcorder
    I used it to make a few video projects in high school and that was it.
  4. A crop top
    I was having a very body positive day when I bought this. Have I worn it? No. But now it's an option.
  5. The Millennium Falcon Lego Set
    $150 and it took me 8 hours to build. It just sits in my room. Totally worth it.
  6. Poe's X-Wing Fighter Lego Set
    I should have stopped after the Falcon but I just really wanted an X-Wing you guys.
  7. Rollerskates
    I wrote a list about this impulse buy: I BOUGHT ROLLER SKATES???
  8. A betta fish
    I left the house to get printer ink and came home with Wilson. He's a huge pain in my ass.
  9. A leather vest
    I don't know what I was thinking.