1. I hate money
    I never carry cash anymore. I hate the way it feels and I hate the way it smells.
  2. I still struggle with simple math
    I don't know what I'd do without computers and calculators.
  3. People think I make way more money than I actually do
    Just because I work where all the money is, doesn't mean I get any of it.
  4. The boys have a lot to say
  5. And sometimes it's really creepy
    Who is Nick?????
  6. Being robbed is not as exciting as it is in the movies
    It's actually really scary!
  7. New bills look fake but fake bills look faker
  8. Canadian coins are magnetic
    And people will always try to sneak a few in their rolls (this may just be a Michigan thing).
  9. You can't help everyone
    And it sucks
  10. Banks are evil
    I knew this before but now I'm a part of the problem.