1. I got yelled at by a customer for opening their account incorrectly
    I'm not a banker. I don't open accounts.
  2. I was indirectly called fat
    By the same customer who yelled at me. "I could have sworn it was you. It must be that other big lady that looks like you."
  3. I was called pretty
    BY THE SAME CUSTOMER. "Well if it ain't you, then who was it?! You real pretty btw. How you doing?"
  4. Someone asked me if I got my social security yet
    I'm 22.
  5. My manager told me my smile looked fake
    It was.
  6. I was asked if I was a new employee like 10 times
    No, I've worked here for well over a year. In fact, I helped you last week.
  7. I was asked out by a 67-year-old man
    My name tag says, "I love movies!" so this guy asked me to the movies. I didn't know how to respond.
  8. A customer overheard the old man and told me I should "throw him a bone"
    "Make it worth his while, sweetheart! Haha!" SO GROSS
  9. All of that and I still have 3 hours left