Hey, friends! I'm transferring to a new school this fall. I'm thinking about switching my major but I keep going around in circles. What did you major in or what are you currently majoring in? Did/do you like it? Any advice for a 22 year-old who feels completely lost?
  1. Me rn
  2. Conflict Resolution/Mediation
    I don't work in my field but I use it every single day. Loved it.
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  3. Nursing!
    I'm a sophomore nursing student. I love it but it's really hard and it's definitely not for everyone.
    Suggested by   @lexie_elyse
  4. Graphic Design!
    One of those majors where a lot of people are like "OH ok sure yep" but actually the perfect fit for me. Now I'm a professional graphic designer which really just means I go to a big office building with a bunch of goofballs who I love and I live out my passion every week. All I can say is go with your gut!!!
    Suggested by   @sky
  5. Biology and Nonfiction Writing
    I was split between the two when I came in and I want to do technical writing eventually so they make sense. It was the best of both worlds for awhile (I could be creative and when that got exhausting I could be analytical). But now I'm a senior and thinking about a Ph.D. in bio and I'm honestly so over my writing classes... I get lower grades in them than science because it's all subjective. But for the most part I recommend double majoring if you're conflicted over two majors!
    Suggested by   @juliareese
  6. Visual communication
    Honestly I wish I'd majored in something more specialized with a dedicated career path. I have too many options and not enough knowledge in any given area. I wish I'd picked something more concrete like nursing, library science or teaching.
    Suggested by   @ashleyanwiler
  7. Double major in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies
    I enjoyed my majors and was surprised at what areas of each discipline drew me. I hope you find something that enriches your life or leads you closer to your goals. Good luck!
    Suggested by   @theshome
  8. Performing Arts
    A lot of theatre in college, after a few years of writing and producing family oriented theatre, I started concentrating more on music and film. All fun, but no one in this world I know cares about a degree nearly as much as if your work is good.
    Suggested by   @CheckeredOwl
  9. Captioning and Court Reporting
    Nobody ever thinks of this career except when they briefly see a stenographer in TV courtroom scenes. If you're a good typist or a piano player, you'd find it easier. It's awesome because you're a subcontractor, and you do a lot of work from home. Very independent and can be very lucrative. So if you like the law... 😊
    Suggested by   @TenaciousC
  10. Psychology
    I majored in psychology, and worked in field for 2 years. I know design software for a living. Don't worry too much about what you major in. I would suggest majoring in whatever your find the most interesting. Remember, most people end up working in jobs outside of their field of study, and if you find you truly would prefer to do something different in the future, you can always get a masters degree in something different.
    Suggested by   @jay2385
  11. Social Work
    I didn't like it. I felt like we were always learning ABOUT something but never actually learning it. I wanted to help people and I didn't realize that a classic social worker helps by referring people to other services that actually help. Totally necessary but I didn't really want to be a caseworker. I wish I had majored in non-profit management, counseling, communications or business. Basically anything that would have equipped me to work for a non profit.
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  12. First time- double in Philosophy & French.
    While the French periodically comes in handy, and the Philosophy was fun & probably useful for "learning to think about complicated things," none of it helped me earn a living. I eventually went back & got a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Now it's about wipin' bums on Saturdays & holidays and earnin' chedda. (Srsly. I work 24 hrs a week, full benefits, and even part-time make way more than I ever did pre-nursing. But it's hard as hell.)
    Suggested by   @hollyween
  13. Mathematics
    I moved west after graduation and worked at summer camps. I went back to school for teaching and I now teach third grade math. I loved math because it was like a puzzle and I loved the proofs and the theory, I just wish that the jobs associated with it had a social aspect - hence the teaching.
    Suggested by   @edoublebubs
  14. Medieval History. I drove a truck for U.P.S., and went to law school. To this date, I can still bore people within 50 feet of me with my vast, useless knowledge about dead people. 🙌🙌🙌
    Suggested by   @eriknmichaelssrn
  15. Majored in Public Relations/Event Planning. Minored in African American Studies
    Loved every minute of it. Wish more classes were available for AA Studies. I took every single one, and really craved more. If I go back that will be my Masters. No need for a Masters of Event Planning, especially because that's an Art not a Science degree. Best of luck!
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  16. First career path majored in respiratory therapy (AS), health care management (BS) then health education (MA). Loved entire career working in hospitals and teaching in college and university. Second career majored in nursing (AS), then RN to MSN program. Loved career in ICU, PACU, teaching patients and teaching staff. No regrets!!! 😎
    Suggested by   @Heartsounds
  17. Also social work
    BUT I also got my masters degree in clinical social work which is counseling just from a person centered, systems approach. I loved / love it. Both undergraduate & graduate school forced me to critically think about the systems we live in & how to help the disaffected. Also, learning how to motivate & work with people effectively! I honestly use these skills in all areas of my life, not just traditional therapy settings.
    Suggested by   @shacara_shacara
  18. French
    I loved majoring in French and minus my debt I have zero regrets even though it gave me zero marketable skills lolz (aka "study what you love because you will learn a lot because you're very motivated to study" was my philosophy)
    Suggested by   @aubreyljohnson
  19. Audio Post-production
    Which I managed to turn into a music production major.
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  20. Anthropology w/minors in PoliSci & Religious Studies
    Interesting as hell, but lucrative? Not so much. >.<
    Suggested by   @kaelliope
  21. International Studies
    I'm still in school and honestly it's hard to feel like someone is going to hire me next year compared to my friends who are business or engineering majors but I absolutely love the major! I'm doing an art and culture track and am thinking I want to work in museum education or maybe art therapy. Also you're required to study abroad so that's fun????
    Suggested by   @calliestorie
  22. Journalism
    I went to the University of Maryland (which I kinda hated) but my program was great! They encouraged lots of interning or writing outside of the classroom which is more important than any in class assignments. My career is fun and interesting now but doesn't pay well!!
    Suggested by   @aliciamcelhaney
  23. Social work and psychology
    Both combined can lead to so many different areas to work in. Social work is one of the most marketable degrees. A masters in both will put you in good pay status unless you focus on victim advocacy services in the military. I have two bachelors, work for the Navy and am close to the 85k$ salary without a masters degree or vast years of experience. Best advice: think of those dreams jobs you saw others in and figure out how they got there, often their education had no bearing on their path.
    Suggested by   @GavMaLav
  24. International Relation and Spanish, with a minor in Business
    I started in Biomedical Engineering with a pre-med focus, but that crashed and burned. And then I played around with a few other majors before finally saying, "ok, I have 1.5 years left, what can I major in that will get me out of here on time?" (College was really rough for me, not the paradise everyone sold me.) I do recommend a minor in business; I had a better time getting interviews after college with that on my resume. Good luck! You'll be fine! ❤️
    Suggested by   @kfoleywellness
  25. English (Environmental Studies minor)
    Ok, here's the thing. It's perfectly fine to not know what you want to do at age 22. People work 40-45 years!! So many people change their careers at some point. I'm 34 & have had a corporate sales & human resources careers already. Major in what interests you b/c you can learn marketable skills from that. My bro majored in bio & he's on business end at a bio tech firm (after doing research 1st). English taught me excellent writing/listening/leadership skills. I'll be changing my career again 😊
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  26. History!
    I knew I wanted to teach but I hated every education class I took so I abandoned ship on that front. I just trusted that something would work out. Luckily it did! I loved being a history major. Reading and writing for days on end.
    Suggested by   @amieshmamie
  27. Animal and Veterinary Science with a Pre-Veterinary Science concentration and an Education Minor
    I absolutely loved it. I was the only one of my friends who could walk down the hall and stop and have a conversation with their professors. My advisor always started every session with "how are you? How's the semester going?" I miss it. Then I knew that I didn't want to go to vet school, but wanted to teach AVS so i added the education minor and I LOVED it so much more than I thought I would. The teachers were incredible because they're teaching you how to teach.
    Suggested by   @kelseyanne137
  28. Design Marketing.
    Specialized in fashion and design.
    Suggested by   @kiraandlulu
  29. Physics and English
    At Berkeley. It was great.
    Suggested by   @evanp