This has been sitting in my drafts for a while.
  1. Kevin Spacey
    Probably the bad guy.
  2. Christoph Waltz
    Probably the bad guy.
  3. Willem Dafoe
    Probably the bad guy.
  4. Sean Bean
    Probably gonna die.
  5. Andy Serkis
    Probably CGI.
  6. Michelle Williams
    Probably nominated for something
    Suggested by   @kate81
  7. Ben or Casey Affleck
    At least part of it will take place in Boston
    Suggested by   @kate81
  8. Paul Rudd
    I'm going to see this movie
    Suggested by   @kate81
  9. Liam Neeson
    Someone will die in this movie (probably violently)
    Suggested by   @kate81
  10. Mark and/or Jay Duplass
    I will ADORE this movie!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  11. Denzel Washington
    It's gonna be good!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  12. Idris Elba
    @Diplomatic_diva Will come to the states and see this movie with me 😄
    Suggested by   @kate81
  13. Tina and Amy
    I will see this 9 more times than anyone else, and no one will be able to quote it with me!
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  14. Will Ferrell
    I will feel awkwardly uncomfortable at least once, LOL a few times, and have 2+ quotes I will use in daily conversational context going forward.
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  15. Elijah Wood
    It's going to be an excellent cult movie. After LOTR, Wood developed a low-key interesting indie track record, as both an actor and producer.
    Suggested by   @roche
  16. Cillian Murphy
    That his character is going to creep me the F out.
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  17. Judy Greer
    She will probably be a side character and I will rant about how she's too good to be a side character.
  18. Alec Baldwin
    We're in for a speech. Give him a solo chunk of dialogue, Baldwin nails it.
    Suggested by   @roche
  19. Billy Crystal
    This won't be funny, and there will be a lot of baseball talk.
    Suggested by   @roche
  20. It's gonna suck
    Suggested by   @bsizzle33
  21. Marion Cotillard
    Probably crazy
  22. Oscar Isaac
    I'll watch it 1000 times and cry bc I'm so lonely
  23. Tom Cruise
    He will be running. @andersun
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  24. Brad Pitt
    He'll be eating something at some point.
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  25. Tom Hardy
    He will mumble
  26. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    He's going to say "I'll Be Back." PS - who's profile pic does this remind you of?
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  27. Kathryn Hahn
    She'll be the main character's best friend
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  28. Kirsten Dunst
    This movie could either be really great or really terrible but either way she'll be my favorite part of it.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  29. I probably won't watch the movie but that won't stop me from judging it 🙃✨
    Suggested by   @reallybadtiming
  30. Robert Downey Jr.
    Sarcastic and 'cooler than you' anti-hero. Bad behavior, good heart.
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  31. She's gonna be the main character. She'll have flaws but mostly she will be insightful, driven, wonderful and charming, she will be close to the perfect woman. She will smile and we can't even be jealous...
    Suggested by   @solena