Inspired by @jennifergster
  1. She always took care of her friends
    She fed them, hosted parties for them, let them crash at her place, etc.
  2. She took Rachel into her home
    Her former bff who cut her out after graduating high school. She wasn't even invited to Rachel's wedding!
  3. She worked really hard
    She went through unemployment, did shitty jobs, and suffered through hostile work environments but she refused to accept handouts - like when Pete tried to buy her a restaurant.
  4. She never apologized for what she loved
    Monica adored babies, marriage, and housework but she never attempted to hide it or let anyone make her feel bad about it.
  5. She broke up with Richard
    Richard was cool but she wanted kids and he'd only have them to make her happy. She knew that wasn't fair to him so she walked away.
  6. She made Chandler a better person
    She constantly encouraged him and helped him see that he could be an amazing boyfriend, husband, and father.
  7. She waited until Chandler was ready to start a family
    And when they couldn't conceive, she chose to adopt rather than use a sperm donor because she didn't want kids that were hers but not his.
  8. She supported Chandler's career
    She motivated him to quit his job and find one he actually liked. She then supported him, emotionally and financially, during his unemployment.
  9. She overcame a lot of emotional obstacles
    She grew up being relentlessly teased for her weight and constantly criticized by her mother. However, she emerged with a sense of her own self-worth and determination.
  10. She was close with Ross
    He bullied her as a child and contributed to the emotionally abusive environment she grew up in. Yet she didn't allow that, or her parents' favoritism, to ruin her relationship with her brother.
  11. She cares so much
    About everything and everyone.
  12. She never gives up
    On anything or anyone.