1. My stories are always too fucking long
  2. I'll pause a conversation when a song I like starts playing
  3. I think astrology is bullshit but I check my horoscope every day
  4. My tinder bio is just a Star Wars reference and I don't fuck with people who don't get it
  5. I send multiple texts to convey a message rather than one long text
  6. I take forever to get ready
  7. I ghost people all the time
  8. I give people shit for liking The Notebook but I am lowkey obsessed with Pride and Prejudice
  9. I harmonize to songs on the radio
  10. I respond to dirty talk with insults (true story)
  11. I rarely follow the advice I give others
  12. I'm a bathroom hog
  13. I pretend to be wayyyyyy more chill than I actually am
  14. I tell people I can play the piano but I only know a few songs
  15. I'm usually late