So yesterday I did European, today I'm doing Italian because a) I'm originally Italian b) I just travelled to Italy and felt inspired
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    Rome is at number 1 because it's the biggest by far and you have sooo much to do you can legit spend an entire week there and still see new things every day. (Plus you can leave the country too S/O to the Vatican)
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    Venice feels so romantic!! And unlike Rome, it's quite small so you can also take a boat to see the islands that specialise in glass-making Borano and Morano it'll only be a 15 min ride and toootally worth the visit
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    I think the Duomo there might just be my favourite monument ever, I just spent 4 days there and every time I saw it I was blown away (the 3rd largest church in the world). It's so full of art and culture it's insane!
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    So my dad is from there so I'm biased because I have a strong sense of pride for it but honestly: the birthplace of pizza. Do I need to add anything else?
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    This is maybe not on your typical lists of Italy but it's an hour out from Milan (where I have a house) and it's an old city that stands on top of a huge hill, now home to so many university students. I was absolutely mesmerised✨