A supporter of Hillary Clinton
  1. In agreement with JoAnns fabrics
  2. I will start a movement to make something out of broken glassuse different colors. I know Sec. Clinton And Chelsea and will contact them to tell about these amazing ideas
  3. I have mosaic stuff.
  4. This could be a women's movement go wild
  5. I am getting my hammer out!
  6. Texting my son and husband integral part of Campaign, this amazing idea
  7. I was thinking last night they will have to get all new history books
  8. I love Hillary
  9. What will be her theme song
  10. Hear me roar
  11. Who's on the short List.
  12. She should pick Paul Ryan. That will reach the other side
  13. Bernie Sanders is a stubborn old man who spits when he talks
  14. Trump. Doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and. Now. The Republicans are worried???
  15. Why did they not know that before ?
  16. Because there Repupublican!
  17. Knock knock. Whose there. The Clintons were back. First we have to fix all the. Glass ceilings!!!!7
  18. I live in Philadelaphia. The convention will rock