1. Since I was young I always loved to watch the powerful waves of the Atlantic ocean
  2. Now I am older I still watch the powerful waves of any ocean
  3. I have seen many other oceans around the world. I have observed how different they are but yet still the same
  4. The ocean has a distinctive salty air smell. I love this smell so fresh and different we are getting closer to our destination.
  5. The waves rumble and roar and just calls to me
  6. The ocean is beautiful especially at sunset The colors of the sun reflect on the on the calm water. Now it's the best time of day to relax enjoy a cold one an reflect on how good life is. Finally you can reach a point everyone needs in their day you can really listen to the ocean and maybe take the sounds with you
  7. There is no beginning and has no end but I sit on the rocks and watch as time goes
  8. As I sit on this rock and listen to the roll of the surf my mine goes blank al me so nice and relaxed by the soundo sea