Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

This is the worst pun ever in the world
  1. Hi I'm Maisha
  2. I'm 19
    But I'm old for my age I was born to be bad.... Ok that was a Rent lyric and I am pretty boring and straight laced
  3. I enjoy the finer things in life
    Like snap clips and shirt dresses
  4. I'm a junior neuroscience premed
    It's ok if you threw up a little
  5. I write stuff
    Check out my blog:
  6. I have a stupid sense of humor
    I will not be stopped (follow me on Twitter for said stupidity)
  7. This is a giraffe whom I love
    As you can tell I've run out of things to put here but don't want to be boring. Her name is Jesse.
  8. This is my best friend and me
    I have not gotten her permission to use this but she'll get over it
  9. I'm a Leo/INFJ
    Like w/e that means
  10. That's it
  11. I think