They're both 11 and disgusting and God help me please I am on the edge of breaking
  1. A foam cup and bowl in the shower ????
    ?????¿¿ what are you doing?? Having a meal??? In the SHOWER???
  2. The shower curtain in the toilet????????
    What on EARTH??????
  3. A clogged toilet
    What the hell is coming out of you???? WW2 bullets????? military-grade uranium??? How do you clog the toilet 2x a week????
  4. Overflowing trash can
    Why is ur MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWSLETTER in the bathroom trash can ???? Q tips??? You don't clean your ears you filthy preteens!!!!
  5. Red watercolor paint in the sink
    YES it looks like blood and YES I freak out every time
  6. Soggy towels
  7. Half of my favorite lavender scented body wash dumped out of the bottle
    This is my brother but he won't admit this even though he comes out of the shower smelling strongly of lavender
  8. My clay face mask splattered all over the counter and shower wall
    This is definitely my sister even though she blatantly denies it because I can see the flecks of the clay in her eyebrows still you FOOL
  9. Save me