I have invested much time & thought into the writings Dostoevsky & I watched myself fall in love with his darkness through these beautiful, intense & sometimes maddening characters.
  1. Prince Myshkin
    The Idiot. A man of the purest heart & soul the world could ever meet. Such a gentle soul thrown into a cruel society & we saw how his mind became corrupted & tortured. The last chapter is heartbreaking & genuinely makes you wonder, maybe this is best for our sweet idiot... this is the book that made me want to change my life.
  2. Dmitri Karamazov
    Brothers Karamazov. The ultimate sensualist with the darkest, hottest blood pumping in his body, will do anything for that fleeting bliss. 'All we Karamazovs are insects... that insect lives in you, too, and will stir up a tempest in your blood.'
  3. Svidrigailov
    Crime & Punishment. Deeply tormented & lost. A man with few options & fewer hopes. The scene of his dream with the mouse stuck with me for a very long time.
  4. Nastasya Fillipovna
    The Idiot. A beautiful beast of a woman. Abuse made her soul turn to stone & she hated everyone for it.
  5. Ippolit
    The idiot. Possibly my all time favorite nihilist, ever. Thoughtful young man who refuses to waste away, but has a disparaging fate after all.
  6. Kolya Krassotkin
    Brothers Karamazov. Almost a sociopath when we first meet him, watching him soften with Alyosha's friendship & influence was a beautiful thing to read, yet he still remained badass & fun.
  7. Razumihin
    Crime and Punishment. The best friend you could ever ask for. Helpful & charismatic, he made everything better.
  8. Smerdyakov
    Brothers Karamazov. Maybe the dreariest character Dostoyevsky has written. his scene with Ivan is haunting & the pride he showed was terrifying.
  9. La Baboulinka
    The Gambler. Feisty old woman who brought so much life to this short story.
  10. The Old Woman and The Onion
    Brothers Karamazov. A parable told by the jezebel Grushenka about greed & selfishness. A heavy little story about how terrible humanity is. I woke up with this on my mind once & it stained my thoughts all day, for the better.