Because we need to be properly fueled to achieve societal change
  1. She's-Her Salad with Balsamic Suffragette
    A whole pile of iceberg lettuce consensually flavor-blasted with organic, locally sourced vinaigrette.
  2. Gal-Talian Not-Chos
    Cucumber slices engulfed in a deluge of cream cheese and transgendered habanero peppers, served in a feminist bookstore.
  3. Rigatoni DiaVulva
    Liberated non-penile tube pasta birthed, like all things, from deep inside us.
  4. Berkeley Fries
    Lovingly tenderized fried potato crescents who don't need no man in their lives.
  5. Crispy Shrimp Economically Disadvantaged Boy
    Shrimp from a lower socioeconomic category gently placed on sourdough baguette and served with a side of accomplishment.